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Shielding Design & Inspection

We are very much concerned about the safety of your clinical staff and technicians when it comes to radiation exposure. Therefore, we make sure the radiation exposure is minimal in the design that we propose. Our design Medical Physicist team will work your architect and your Oncology medical physicists to come up with linear accelerator(s) a facility as well as Brachytherapy that confirm with the latest recommendations and norms of AERB norms. We are available for your support 24/7 and we would be glad to attend to your queries and offer suggestions on modifications related to your design. We take all possible efforts to balance your need for optimal space utilization with your budget and the regulatory requirements, without reducing the quality or compromising on the safety of your staff who work in such specialized units. Our services here would include:

  • Determination of the location where the shielding equipment needs to be installed, type of shielding equipment needed and the exact amount of shielding that is required
  • Performing shielding calculations for various points across your vault
  • Generating user-friendly reports that include all details necessary to validate the calculations of the shielding
  • Identifying the deficiencies of the shielding by using customized heat maps
  • Coming up with shielding designs that are compliant, clear and concise so that they can be easily comprehended by contractors and architects
  • Conducting shielding surveys after installing the equipment