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Radiation Services

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Radiation services

Institutes and organisations that deal with radioactive material and radiation apparatus are responsible for ensuring that their activities minimize harm and risk to workers and public. Keeping your staff, systems and processes safe will enable you to comply with regulations. To help you to minimize the many risks posed while working in radiation areas, we provide a wide range of innovative, practical and cost-effective services. These include:

  • Radiation safety training
  • Instrument calibration and repair
  • Personal radiation monitoring
  • Radiation protection/ Safety equipment sales
  • Technical Support in Buying Equipment
  • Emergency Services
  • Radiation surveys and radiation protection advice
  • Environmental radiation surveys including for base-line measurement at mine sites
  • Radiation surveys and characterization of contaminated areas
  • Identification and characterization of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
  • Advisory service as Radiation Safety Officers
  • Radiation management plans for industrial, mining and medical organisations
  • Identification, inventory and classification of radioactive sources
  • Radioactive waste management advice including classification, minimization and preparation for transport
  • Assistance for compliance with Regulatory Board and information sessions for employees
  • Radiation protection, monitoring and measurement of X-ray devices
  • Our radiation services are provided by health physicists and other scientific and technically qualified staff with many years of experience in the radiation protection field. To find out more about our radiation services, contact us.