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DR X-ray Inspection Services ADITHISRI X-ray inspection service laboratory provides X-ray Direct Radiography services for a number of industries. Through our Mumbai, Chennai offices, We provide digital radiography scanning services on a per-part or per-job basis. We have a broad range of test equipments to meet the diverse needs of the industrial imaging landscape from small plastic parts to large castings. Our 220 kV Portable DR systems serve the industrial CT inspection and measurement needs of petro-chemical industries, manufacturers, government agencies, forensic investigators, museums, educational institutions and many others. In addition, ADITHISRI provides high-quality X-Ray Images for large automotive and aerospace casting flaw detection, first article inspection and reverse engineering applications. FIELD INSPECTION ADITHISRI performs industrial radiographic testing services in the field at customer-specified locations. Our certified inspectors are experienced with multi-angular imaging that complex systems require, however it’s usually a combination of x-ray imaging techniques that provide the final resolve. We deliver practical solutions addressing all possible solutions. Our portable imaging systems assist the field radiographer in finding these physical defects. For more information, see our Industrial Inspection Services section or contact: www.adithisri.com Pushya Mitra Singamaneni
Program Manager - Direct Radiography(DR) Inspection Services
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