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GE light Speed QXI
4 Slice Spiral CT Scan

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GE light Speed QXI 4 Slice Spiral CT Scan

Specifications   Parameter
Gantry Aperture   70 cm
Gantry Tilt   30°
Scan Thickness   0.5,0.6,0.7,0.8,0.9,1,2,3,4 mm
Scan Speed   0.63,1.25,2.5,3.75,7.5,10 Sec
Scan Kvp   80,120,140 Kv
Scan ma   upto 440 mA
Tube Capacity   6.3 mhu
Detector Type   Four rows of HR Detectors
Scan for   18,25,42,50 cm
Dicom   In built
Recommended   Below 50 Cases